Monday, November 15, 2010

mazar sharif Faqeer Qadir Bakhsh Bedil, Rohri

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Faqeer Qadir Bakhsh 'Bedil'(1814-1872) was a Sufi saint and poet from Rohri (Sindh) Pakistan. He was son of Khalifo Muhammad Mohsin, named Abdul Qadir by birth and Qadir Bakhsh by his choice. He wrote poetry in Sindhi, Urdu, Persian, Seraiki and Hindi. He compiled 23 books on prose and poetry. The Urs of Faqeer Qadir Bakh Bedil is celebrated annually on 14-16 Ziqad at his shrine in Rohri. Muhammad Mohsin 'Bekas', son of Faqeer Qadir Bakhsh Bedil and first follower of his school of thought in poetry is also burried at the same place so the shrine is commonly known as shrine of Bedil and Bekas.

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