Monday, November 15, 2010

mazar sharif Masoom Shah Sukkur

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Syed Niazmuddin alias Hazrat Mir Masoom Shah dating back to 15th century was born at Bakhar near old Sukkur. Learned religious education from Allama Moulana Muhammad Bakar Rori and Moulana Muhammad Usman Kingri Taluka Dabhra. He was made ambassador of Iron in 1008 AH.

He was appointed Governor of Sindh in 1015 A.H ,He died in 1610 A.D .

Foundation of Minaret was laid in 1594 A.H Height of Minara is 80 ft, Circumference 84 ft.

Its stairs are 84, Minara was completed in 1617 A.D Minara is called Masoom Shah Jo Minaro.


Minara of Hazrat Mir Masoom Shah is located in the center of the city of Sukkur Sindh over looking the entire city

taken from auqaf department


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Hazrat Mir Syed Masoom Shah Bakhar RA ki mohabbat hay jo apni Duaoon main yaad rakhtay hain. Allah Rehman-o-Rahim Rehm farmay. Sadqay Ya Rasoool ALLAH SAW.

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